American Agricultural Editors’ Association (AAEA) Summer Intern Program

This summer, High Plains Journal is hosting the 2013 AAEA Editorial Summer Intern in Dodge City, Kansas — Stuart Estes, University of Arkansas. Check out his blog about his experience.

Morgan & Myers is hosting the 2013 AAEA Marketing Communications Summer Intern in Waukesha, Wisconsin — Casey Droddy, Kansas State University.

Each intern earns a $4,500 stipend for approximately 10 weeks and another $1,000 to cover the costs of attending the Agricultural Media Summit in Buffalo, New York, Aug. 3-7. The new AAEA Marketing Communications internship is made possible through a grant from the AAEA Professional Improvement Foundation, with support from BCS Communications and Gardner and Gardner Communications. The AAEA Editorial Communications internship is sponsored by the AAEA Professional Improvement Foundation.

Intern applicants answer the following questions:

“I would like to be the AAEA intern because…”
“What I hope to learn as the AAEA intern is…”
“When I graduate from college, my ideal job would be…”

They are also asked to include a resume, past internships, examples of their work, a letter of recommendation and a statement on their interest in agricultural communications. Applicants are required to have either applied for membership, or be a member, of the National Ag Communicators of Tomorrow organization. They may join either through their college ACT chapter or as an at-large member at the organization’s website:

Working with an agricultural publication is just part of the internship experience. The 2013 AAEA interns will also attend and work at the Agricultural Media Summit (AMS), August 3-7 in Buffalo, New York. There, the intern can meet and mingle with hundreds of ag media professionals from AAEA and other organizations. The intern also helps coordinate the joint AAEA-Livestock Publications Council awards banquet presentation at AMS and performs other duties at AMS.

If you have questions, contact:

JoAnn Alumbaugh
Chair, AAEA Future Ag Communicators Committee
Alumbaugh Communications
26598 Amarillo Ave.
Linden, IA 50146


P) 641.744.2114
C) 641.431.0257

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