Ethics Case Studies

Communications professionals within the agriculture industry face ethical challenges when obligations, responsibilities and loyalties conflict. The American Agricultural Editors’ Association is committed to educating and equipping its members to make ethical decisions.

In pursuit of that goal, the AAEA Affiliate Advisory Committee commissioned a set of case studies written to illustrate the values and principles identified in the Affiliate Code of Ethics. The project was funded by a grant from the AAEA Professional Improvement Foundation.

Each of the 13 case studies outlines a hypothetical situation involving an ethical dilemma that an agricultural communications professional might encounter and poses six discussion questions.

The discussion guide offers suggested answers and discussion topics but is not meant to be an exhaustive, conclusive response to the scenario. 

 The case studies are intended to offer practice in recognizing, discussing and resolving ethical dilemmas. Used in conjunction with the AAEA Affiliate Code of Ethics, the case studies provide a framework for responsible decision making and a guide for ethical practice when these types of “real-life” situations arise. 

Ethics_Case Studies
Ethics_Case Studies_Discussion Guide

Acknowledgements:  Case studies written by Anna Ziegler, McLean County (IL) Farm Bureau, in conjunction with Angela Bendorf Jamison, Communicopia; Des Keller, freelancer; Dr. Jim Evans, University of Illinois; and Den Gardner, AAEA


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